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Kara and Lee Rec. List: Part Two

I've decided to finally compile the Kara/Lee rec list that I've been wanting to do for a long time now.  So, it's divided by genre and they're from all over the place. Title, author, link, and if the author has written one, summary, are all provided.  Uh, that's it. *runs away*




Title: Contrecoup
Author: Fahye
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: Contrecoup (n): A concussion or shock produced by a blow or other injury, in a part or region opposite to that at which the blow is received, often causing rupture or disorganisation of the parts affected. One story told right-way-up, the other told upside-down, but both in the same narrative.
Why I love It:  Out of all the hidden relationship fics that are out there, this one seems to me to be one that really fits in with just the general feel of BSG.



Title:Places To Stand
 Author: Stars-like-dust
Summary: He knew the exact day Kara gave up on being rescued, because she cornered him in the Raptor, pushed him up against the wall and kissed him.
Why I Love It:  I love babyfic.   In other news, I also love the idea of a person or person being stranded alone and what will come of it.  I Blame Robinson Cursoe.


Title: Those Journeymen Divine 
Author:  Fahye and Stars-Like-dust
Why I Love It:  This story answers a question no one ever asked:  "What if both Kara and Lee were Cylons?"


Title: The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Author: senatorsfan_ink
Summary: Kara sustains severe burns on her hands after a Raptor crash, placing her in complete dependence on the one person in front of whom she's always tried to be strong.
Why I Love it:  This story looks at a situation where Kara and Lee's relationship has had time to evolve and deepen, its such an original take on how their relationship could have gone.

Title: Different (links to part 3)
Author: Hackaddict
Summary: What if Gaius Baltar had decided not to give Six access to the defense systems of the Twelve Colonies? Where would the people of Battlestar Galactica be if there had been no holocaust to contend with?
Why I Love It: A perfect AU story, which is one of my favorite genres. 


Title: "Felt Like Flying"
Author: Wisteria
Summary: Roller coasters always did feel like flying, so you might as well be on one with him.
Why I Love It: There are so few fics where Kara grabs hold of her feelings and the end result is usually so dark and messy.  This isn't one of them. It's such an uncomplicated look on how Kara and Lee get together.



TITLE:  Agapē
AUTHOR:  artemis_90  
Why I Love It: This highlights beautifully the trust between Kara and Lee, they don't even interact face to face in this fic and you can see it.  Lovely.


Title: "All these things it wants and many more"
Author: Wisteria
Summary: Five prophecies that never came to pass.
Why I Love It:  Series of short drabbles that are all great looks at how it could end for Kara and Lee.



Title: Reunion (links to story index)
Author: Choosing Sarah
Summary: Six months after they fled New Caprica, the Fleet returns to collect survivors. While the battle goes well for the Colonials, there is more than one front in this war. As Lee and Kara make amends, they find themselves at the center of the latest conflict with a chance to redirect the future if they can only reconcile the past
Why I Love It: While undone, this fic is awesome, it's well written and makes the time travel sound possible.


Title: "Closet Romantic"
Author: Wisteria
Summary: You suspect you know her better than she knows herself, and there’s something almost sad about that. But then, that’s just Kara.
Why I Love It; A very sweet Lee fic and his view's on Kara.  It stays very close to canon yet stays very, very sweet.


Title: Full Circle
Author: Carrielh
Summary: "But this is like going back to a favorite dream, one he's had many times before and will have again."
Why I Love It: I love this story because it shows Kara and Lee falling into their relationship, like it's a natural thing.


Title: A New Start
Author: Kim Minseok
Summary: A tragic accident gets things going down another path.
Why I love It: An epic (though unfinished) story that re-imagines Kara and Lee's relationship from the end of Session 2, that is lovely in its simplicity


Title: Guardian
Author:  Serendipity78
Summary: "Tell me more about the final five." 
Why I love It:   A great (though unfinished) story that deals with what Kara is, since she came back from the dead, and the problems with a whole different set of cylons. 


TitleWords Whispered in the Silence
Author:  Latteaddict
Summary: After the Fleet finds Earth Lee and Kara don't see each other for three years until a special celebration brings them face to face once more.  
Why I love It:  Latteaddict is the master of the "after they find Earth" genre and this story is one of her best


Title:  Ill-Conceived
Author:  Angylinni and Volatile
Summary: Of all the things Kara Thrace expected from her life, being a mother wasn't one of them. As special destinies went, this one sucked tailpipe.
Why I love It:  Once again, baby fic.  This one's is a very realistic (well, you know what I mean) look at how Kara and Lee would prepare to be parents


Title: As the Earth, She Revolves
Author:  Jei
Summary: Nine years has passed since the end of New Caprica and
Pegasus' search for earth. Now her Commander and crew have return with good news and a bright shiny future. But is it too little, too late for Lee Adama?
Why I love It:  Again, it's babyfic (more like childfic).  It's shows the uncomfortableness of Lee dealing with being a parent and also address the possible divine origins of Kara. 

Title: Very Close to Far Away
Author: Latteaddict
Summary: The past can be a curse or a blessing; it just depends on how you look at it.
Why I Love it:  It's just so very cute.  Lee and Kara being childish and dorky and so full of cute.  You know, before the angst hit the fan.


Title: As the Pebble Starts the Avalanche
Author:  Jei
Summary:  pebble was all it took to change everything between
Lee and Kara.
Why I Love It:  A "what if" look at what could have happened between Kara and Lee on New Caprica. I strongly feel there should be more of these.


Title: Memories of You
Author: Latteaddict
Summary: Lee finally gets a glimpse of Kara's love
Why I Love It: This story is a tried and true staple of K/L fiction.  It's starts out very fluffy and becomes more complicated as the story goes on.


Title: Apotheosis
Author: Jason Thompson
Summary: Lee makes a different choice during the Mini-series that changes his destiny drastically.
Why I love It: This an epic fanfiction that develops both a different storyline and different versions of Kara and Lee then we know.  Lee's a little more trusting, Kara's a little more responsible, and both have their shit together



Title: The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Author: Widget
Characters: Lee, Kara
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Vaguely season two, but nothing specific
Summary: You’re a pervert, you know that, right?
Why I Love It:   Let me just say this story is sooooooo hot. Like sauna from Hell hot.  Basically, Kara asks Lee to wank off for her.  And he does. Yay!


Title: Contraventions: Act One and Act Two
Author: Leda13
Rating: NC-17. Pilots are sexing.
summary: He wasn't usually so uncertain when it came to casual sex, but then again, this wasn't the usual method; the casual frak scene had several unspoken rules, and some were being a little bent tonight.
Why I Love It: Everything Leda13 writes is great, but this "What If" story is smoking hot. Just to let you know they have sex against a window.  Yeah, its that hot.


TITLE: Lee and Kara, Kara and Lee (links to part 2)
AUTHOR: Mnemosyne
SUMMARY: After Kara's return from Caprica, she and Lee spend some quality time together on the Astral Queen
Why I Love It: This story is so, so hot. Like set your pants on fire hot.  I really think this is the hottest Kara/Lee fic out there. Also, they manage to have a heart to heart while having sex.  Genius. 


Title: Any other way
Author: coldspace
Summary: Starbuck follows orders for once, Lee discovers his poetic side, and together they set out to prove something that might save humanity.
Why I Love It:  You remeber that red glowy spine during sex thing the cylon's got going on?  Well, rather humorous (but not really) look on how Lee needs to prove Kara's not a cylon.  Hee. 


Title: Distant Spring
Author: voleuse
Summary: We return, across the crackling sea.
Why I Love It: Like us all, the planet Kobol just wants Kara and Lee to have sex.  Really, it's just sex.  But, really well written sex. 


Title: Discipline
Author: Kate Andrews
Summary: "You wanna spank me for being a naughty pilot?"
Why I Love It: It's a fic where Lee spanks Kara and that's one of my kinks. And I'm not going to justify that anymore.

Title: Just Something Out of Step
Author: Oxymoronassoc
Why I Love It:  It's really, really great angsty sex.


Title: Second Chances
Author: Creative Jedi
Summary: “Your second chance is sitting right in front of you. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to ignore it because of some phantom guilt complex or …”
Why I Love It: I love the use of sex with Kara as a cathartic experience for Lee.


 Title: Turnabout
Author:  Rabid1st and Latteaddict
Summary: Challenge fic to make Kara get rid of Anders and end up with Lee in the bunk room scene in LDYB2. Had to be NC-17 and a one shot
Why Love It: This story is so very sexy.  I really, really wish that this had actually happened during Session 2


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Jan. 12th, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that you found some new stories! It did take alot of time. Luckly(?), life's been boring right now.
Jan. 12th, 2009 06:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks for putting this together; i'm a big Kara/Lee shipper but have never really gotten round to reading fanfic for them. Now i'll be working my way through this list :D
♥ ♥
Jan. 12th, 2009 09:10 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad that I could provide.
Jan. 13th, 2009 02:35 am (UTC)
thanks for the recs! i'm on a total bsg high these days (i've re-watched the entire series, probably twice, in the recent weeks) and in particular, i can't get enough lee/kara (if their relationship isn't resolved to my satisfaction in 10 episodes, i will be so pissed). have you thought of doing a rec list of academy!fics? they are a favo of mine - i find that i'm less critical of how an author characterizes kara and lee if they are somewhat removed from their current selves.
Jan. 13th, 2009 05:59 am (UTC)
I'm totally on a BSG high too!
Jan. 14th, 2009 09:17 pm (UTC)
Best Lists ever. Love the dark ones, the angsty ones (timing is everything by latteaddict was AWESOME) and the deep ones. Oh, and discipline was HOT! Love that Kate Andrews, wish she would never stop writing Kara/Lee fics. I would pay her, seriously. Like I would pay you to keep making lists:) I also like your mini summaries. Thanks so much for the lists, these fics are so up my alley. Have you read iced by Rabid ? It's awesome, you can find it at the fallout shelter.
Jan. 14th, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
Re: Kay
Thank you! *I secretly love making lists*
Jan. 3rd, 2013 05:59 am (UTC)
Bless you, basically? As a newcomer in this mostly-dead (?) fandom in need of some serious fix-it fic after the wreckage the show (read: Kara) has turned me into, I can tell you you're my savior.
Feb. 17th, 2013 02:39 am (UTC)
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